The Poetry Exchanges Videos

Throughout lockdown, ten poets from Born Lippy  (Newcastle) and Spoken (London) Collectives met, researched, wrote & rehearsed poems about social issues important to them. Filmmaker – Davey Poremda (Fly Films) brought their message to life by creating five hard hitting videos.

The five videos will be released one at a time, every Friday at 2pm from 27/08/21- 24/09/21. Watch them all here.

Please leave a comment about your thoughts on the issues the videos raise, share and subscribe to the Blog & YouTube Channel.

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Video 1/5:

Mark ‘Mr T’ Thompson & Ellen Moran – Competitive Oppression

Competitive Oppression explores the way people are pitted against each other based on identifying characteristics, and how we need to work together regardless of race and gender.

No comments to show.

Video 2/5:

Andreena Leeanne & Andi Talbot – Home Unknown

When you think of homlessness please also consider those who are the hidden homeless.

Video 3/5:

Donald Jenkins & Tim ‘Passion’ Forde – Mute The Truth

The Covid pandemic has also been a crisis of information with society divided by conflicting narratives. Poets – Donald Jenkins & Tim (Passion Forde) go head to head in a much needed heated debate to try and unmute the truth.

VIDEO 4/5:

Jayda David & Sara Zafar – Assimilation

Poets – Jayda David & Sara Zafar share their experiences of assimiliation – attempting to blend into a society that wouldn’t otherwise accept them and their cultural backgrounds.

VIDEO 5/5:

Poetry Exchanges Part 5/5: Haylee Venus & Tom Cee- Scrolling

This piece is an account of social media user experience, a pondering on how it has changed our society and where we might be headed in the future.

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